This year will either make me or break me…

My professors worry that I’m sliding down a slippery slope, but I know I’m still on the path of redemption. I’ve worked too hard for too long, and I have no intention of letting down my family. When Bryn disappears during a routine field trip, though, I must put my need to succeed on hold. After all, what good is being the best if I can’t use my powers to help those closest to me? The more facts I uncover, the more I realize that her disappearance is part of a much larger scheme–one that threatens our very existence.

Can I stop a diabolical plan in motion or will I suffer the same fate as those I’m striving to save?
Outbreak: Spellslingers Academy of Magic, Sentry of the South (Book 3) is an urban fantasy mystery with humor, action and adventure, a powerful heroine, and a charming yet unlikely hero. 

Books in the Spellslingers world include:
Bryn’s trilogy—
Outcast, Warden of the West, Book 1
Outclassed, Warden of the West, Book 2
Outlast, Warden of the West, Book 3

Dani’s trilogy–
Outlier, Sentry of the South, Book 1
Outfox, Sentry of the South, Book 2
Outbreak, Sentry of the South, Book 3

Cerys’s duology (coming in November 2018)
Outwit (Enforcer of the East, Book1)
Outlaw (Enforcer of the East, Book 2)

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