Wild Cards and Witches

The truth shall set you free.

Yeah, right.

I might have broken away from the group now that I know the dirty secrets of Pandora’s Pride, but I am far from free. Those who know the truth still want to control me. They’re not about to let me walk away and live a quiet life in the mountains. There’s too much at stake.

My only choice is to go on the offensive, hunting down what little information there is while trying to develop the rest of my latent skills. I have a lot to learn and no time to learn it. Unfortunately, the Plague demons haven’t stopped their torment just because I’m having an identity crisis.

With an old friend by my side, I prepare to face the toughest challenge yet.

The Pride has upped the ante—

And I’m about to bring my A-game.

Wild Cards and Witches is the fourth and final book in the Pandora's Pride series.