High Stakes and Vampires

I’ve never been one to follow suit, yet here I am in a casino town run by vampires working as a supernatural agent. Apparently I’ve traded mountains for molehills because hunting demons is like a deadly game of whack-of-mole. On top of everything else, I’m still figuring out my magical abilities and how I fit in with the rest of the Pride. They’ve had years of elite training, while I’ve had trial by fire and can still feel the burn. Then there’s the sexy and powerful Saxon with his brooding stare and air of mystery. The fact that he’s forbidden fruit only makes me want to pluck him more.

The more I learn, the more questions I have. The only problem is nobody’s showing their hand and I don’t want to kick down doors that might best be left shut. Not yet anyway.

Oh, and there’s a demon on the loose intent on mass destruction.

With life as we know it on the line, the stakes have never been higher.

High Stakes and Vampires is book 2 in the Pandora's Pride urban fantasy series.