Demonspawn Academy: Trial Three

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”— e.e. cummings

Problems are like hydra heads these days–the moment I solve one, three more seem to spring up in its place. All I want to do is make it to graduation and spend unfettered time with my hot nephilim boyfriend, but life has other plans. When a town in the mortal realm is laid to waste, it's a race against the clock to figure out who's responsible and why. With every step I take, more secrets are revealed and I discover I'm a pawn in a game I didn't even know I was playing. If I hope to survive, I'll need the support of my friends now more than ever.

As murky as my present is, my future is clear–I'm either going to grow up and graduate from the academy, or die trying.

Demonspawn Academy: Trial Three is the final book in a young adult urban fantasy/fantasy trilogy that will send you on an action-packed magical adventure filled with friendship, romance, mythology, and magic.