Curse the Day, Book 1

Doom & Broom, Book 2

Spell’s Bells, Book 3

Lucky Charm, Book 4

Better Than Hex, Book 5

Cast Away, Book 6

A Touch of Magic, Book 7

A Drop in the Potion, Book 8

Hemlocked and Loaded, Book 9

All Spell Breaks Loose, Book 10


Spellbound Ever After

Crazy For Brew, Book 1

Lost That Coven Feeling, Book 2

Wands Upon A Time, Book 3

Charmed Offensive, Book 4

Poetry In Potion, Book 5

Cloaks And Daggers, Book 6

Ghoul's Paradise, Book 7

Halo Effect, Book 8


Starry Hollow Witches

Magic & Murder, Book 1

Magic & Mystery, Book 2

Magic & Mischief, Book 3

One Witch’s Trash Panda Is Another Witch’s Treasure (short story)

Magic & Mayhem, Book 4

Magic & Mercy, Book 5

Magic & Madness, Book 6

Magic & Malice, Book 7

Magic & Mythos, Book 8

Magic & Mishaps, Book 9

Magic & Maladies, Book 10

Magic & Misdeeds, Book 11

Magic & Monsters, Book 12

Magic & Misfits, Book 13


Federal Bureau of Magic

Great Balls of Fury, Book 1

Fury Godmother, Book 2

No Guts, No Fury, Book 3

Grace Under Fury, Book 4

Bedtime Fury, Book 5

Three Alarm Fury, Book 6

Hell Hath No Fury, Book 7

Every Picture Tells A Fury, Book 8

Playing With Fury, Book 9

Fury and Ice, Book 10


Divine Place

Murder and Mahjong, Book 1

Homicide and Hot Tubs, Book 2

Graves and Golf Carts, Book 3


Saints & Strangers

A Dead End

The Deep End

The Bitter End


Spellslingers Academy of Magic

Outcast, Warden of the West, Book 1

Outclassed, Warden of the West, Book 2

Outlast, Warden of the West, Book 3

Outlier, Sentry of the South, Book 1

Outfox, Sentry of the South, Book 2

Outbreak, Sentry of the South, Book 3

Outwit, Enforcer of the East, Book 1

Outlaw, Enforcer of the East, Book 2

Outrun, Keeper of the North, Book 1

Outgrow, Keeper of the North, Book 2


Magic Bullet series

Burned, Book 1

Death Match, Book 2

Demon Hunt, Book 3

Soulfire, Book 4


Demonspawn Academy

Trial One

Trial Two

Trial Three


Pandora's Pride

Double Down On Demons, Book 1

High Stakes and Vampires, Book 2

Five Card Fae, Book 3

Wild Cards and Witches, Book 4


Midlife Magic Cocktail Club

Magic Uncorked, Book 1

Bewitching Bitters, Book 2

Vintage Spirits, Book 3