Vintage Spirits

Sometimes the dead aren't so silent

Julie Duncan never expected to be a fifty-year-old widow living with her domineering mother in the same lakeside house she grew up in. Winters in Lake Cloverleaf are a gloomy time for Julie. Christmas and New Year’s Eve remind her of her late husband and she isn’t looking forward to yet another holiday season without him. The unexpected death of her mother only adds to Julie’s grief–until a magical cocktail recipe triggers psychic visions of ghosts.

The new year kicks off a new normal for Julie, except she has neither the time nor the energy for unwelcome spirits. She already has an unwelcome visitor in the land of the living—her estranged brother who’s arrived in town to take control of the estate. Brad hasn’t been in their lives for years, yet now he expects to displace Julie and sell the family home, knowing perfectly well that Julie is unlikely to put up a fight.

As Julie struggles to cope with these seismic changes, she encounters more spirits and slowly begins to accept her gift.

In learning to use her voice on behalf of the dead, Julie just might learn to use it for herself.

Vintage Spirits is a paranormal women’s fiction novel in the Midlife Magic Cocktail Club series by Annabel Chase, author of the Starry Hollow Witches and Spellbound series.