Magic & Mishaps

Welcome to Starry Hollow, where spells were made to be broken.

Ember Rose is working hard to smooth the path for her relationship with the stoic vampire Alec Hale. She hits a massive bump, however, when a body is discovered drained of blood and Alec is one of the key suspects. Sheriff Nash insists that his interest in Alec isn't personal, but Ember isn't convinced. Unfortunately, it isn't just Alec that needs her help. Ember also finds herself trying to disentangle a vacationing couple from the mortal mess–Emma and Daniel from Spellbound. It doesn't help that Marley is having a crisis of her own and Raoul comes down with a mysterious illness that no healer is able to cure.

Can Ember identify the real murderer and absolve the accused or will she encounter a permanent blockade on the road to happiness?