Magic & Malice

Welcome to Starry Hollow, where spells were made to be broken.

When Ember Rose is tasked with covering the birthday party of a wealthy 200-year-old matriarch for the local paper's society section, she doesn't bank on the guest of honor dying before the cake is served. It quickly becomes clear that the matriarch's death wasn't due to natural causes and Ember finds herself embroiled in yet another mystery. On top of that, Marley is about to turn the (literal) magical age of 11, a day she's been anticipating since her arrival in Starry Hollow, but all is not going according to plan. In fact, nothing is going according to plan, including Ember's tumultuous love life. As much as she wants her personal issues to be relegated to background noise until she can solve the murder, they have a way of turning up the volume and demanding her attention.

Will Ember manage to reveal the killer's identity before the killer silences her forever?