Homicide and Hot Tubs

Welcome to Divine Place, because sometimes a fresh start requires a little divine intervention.

Eloise Worthington is living her best afterlife. It helps that she was accidentally deposited in the supernatural section where immortals are put out to pasture. As the lone human among gods, witches, and a bevy of other species, it's all too apparent that she and her cat Mischief don't belong, not that Eloise minds what anyone else thinks. She's happy to take advantage of the village amenities and spend her eternal middle-aged years ogling the hot bods of the demigods.

When a villager ends up facedown in a hot tub, Eloise reluctantly drags herself out of the spa in order to put on her marshal badge and get to work. Unfortunately for Eloise, there are plenty of reasons to want the victim obliterated and everyone wants to take credit for the deadly deed. With more confessions than clues, Eloise needs help from the one demigod she hopes to avoid. Who knew trying to be better would make her so bitter?

Can Eloise identify the real killer or is she finally out of her depth?

Homicide and Hot Tubs is the second book in the Divine Place supernatural cozy mystery series.