Graves and Golf Carts

Welcome to Divine Place, because sometimes a fresh start requires a little divine intervention.

Life has handed lemons to Eloise Worthington, so she does what she's always done–made herself a margarita. When a villager is discovered dead on the Gods Complex golf course, Eloise wipes off her tanning oil and sets her marshal hat at a jaunty angle, determined to solve the crime and earn enough brownie points to make it through the pearly gates. During the investigation, she tries her best to ignore her growing attraction to Cole, son of Zeus and her self-proclaimed deputy. Her romantic relationships in the mortal realm always ended badly and Eloise is smart enough to recognize that as long as she's stuck here, she's better off leaving the heat in her life to hot flashes. When the killer makes it clear they're one step ahead of Eloise, she realizes that she needs to up her game in order to outwit a supernatural foe. Who knew trying to do good could feel so bad?

Has the killer met their match or will Eloise find herself on the fairway to Hell?

Graves and Golf Carts is the third book in the Divine Place supernatural cozy mystery series.